Under the Pillar of Economic Empowerment, DEYI is a 3 year project that work towards ensuring that 150 Deaf youths in Nairobi County live independent life, are skilled and fit into job markets, are empowered with knowledge to maneuver through life hurdles and that the community, especially the employers, provide an all-inclusive work place environment that recognizes and rewards Deaf youths contribution to economic growth. The project will further offer much needed career guidance to the Deaf youths, and will give them the opportunity to pursue vocational skills of their dreams, document such skills in the data base and market such skills with potential employers, for internships and or employment.

Deaf Empowerment Kenya with financial and technical support from Deaf Child Worldwide has implemented the Deaf Youth Empowerment for Sustainable Livelihoods Project in Nairobi County. It was a 3-year innovation that seeks to provide marketable skills and confidence to 150 Deaf Youth in order to live independently. Click on the links below for end of projects reports.

End of Project Flyer

Project Evaluation Report