Project summary
Deaf Empowerment Kenya implements post Covid 19 recovery grant in Nairobi informal settlements targeting household of person with disabilities and their caregiver  and the purpose of this grant is to  improvement  living standards of households’ people living with disability by encouraging and supporting them to start small enterprise business as they are Sensitized on credible, accessible and reliable sources of information on Covid19 myths/ measures to hearing impaired and to offer intellectual, financial and professional aid to COSLA groups ,as well to Address youth unemployment challenges through training on employability and entrepreneurship skills.

Project Mission
To support and equip entrepreneurial potential to households of person living with disability, to enable they have a sustainable autonomy during Covid19 pandemic.

Project Intervention areas

  1. Support the households with persons with disability with opportunities to recover on their livelihood by Procuring and & transfer productive assets.
  2. Strengthening household with disability to run small and medium enterprise to better adapt to Covid-19 market disruption.
  3. Support persons with Disabilities to access information, Education and communication materials on COVID 19 in an accessible format.

Impact Level

  • 30 deaf youths trained on life skills and employability skills of which 20 started their business and 10 got employed and are able to support their family’s needs. Through training on employability skills they are able to master work ethics, compose CVs and send applications also we have linked them to different employers like furniture workshops, Companies e.g Coca cola
  • 200 hearing impaired relevant/right information on Covid 19 myths/facts and measures to follow.
  • 80 households of people living with disability who benefited through mentorship, trainings and support on starting small scale enterprises, at least 50 households are engaging in different business.
  • 5 voluntary and loaning groups have been initiated among the PWDs and the care givers for saving and loaning purposes. This has helped support them in boosting their business and savings.


Scale up plan
Currently DEK working with adolescent living with HIV /OVC in Machakos County in the area of care, treatment and support .During the implementation we have released the need of household economic strengthening in the OVC household and the household of PWDs in the county.

Some of activities proposed are:

    • Household economic strengthening in the households of PWDs and OVC.
    • Kitchen gardening.
    • Career exchange program among the PWDs as mentorship and exposure on job marketing among the PWDs.
    • Food basket of the OVC households.
    • Community awareness on stigma and discrimination on PWDs.