Our Strategic Objectives

With an increasing number of needs competing against an increasingly meager resource base, it has become imperative for organizations to position themselves strategically in order for them to be effective and efficient in the pursuit of their mandates. It is against that backdrop of a competitive environment that put DEK on a strong footing for it to work towards fulfilling its mission. DEK strategic focus ensure that the organization responds to critical issues as they relate to the success of DEK mission, namely:

  1. A clear definition of aspirations of DEK by establishing realistic goals and objectives consistent with the crafted mission.
  2. Bringing together stakeholders’ best and most reasoned efforts in building consensus about the organization’s strategic direction.
  3. Developing a sense of ownership.
  4. Ensuring the most effective use is made of DEK resources by focusing them on the key priorities.

DEK operate under Five Strategic Objectives:

  1. Social Marketing,
  2. Unprecedented growth and wider catchment coverage
  3. Education, Training and Community Outreach,
  4. Develop Programs that Enhance Access to Economic Resources, Health & Social Welfare Services among the youths and women with Disability and
  5. Strengthened Leadership and Governance Structures.

Strategic Objectives

Strategic Priority 1: Social Marketing

Increase our revenue base through resource mobilization and social marketing.

Specific Objectives

  1. Use strategic communication to increase visibility of the organization.
  2. Promote understanding of Disability culture to the community

Key Strategies

  • Develop organization website and use it to market DEK products and services
  • Use special events like national and international days as a platform for marketing
  • Use media to publicize and create awareness of our activities
  • Develop resource materials i.e. newsletters, annual report and share these with our partners, donors and stakeholders
  • Use puppet road shows as a communication and social marketing tool.

Expected Outcome

  • Increased visibility of the organization, products and services.
  • Increased acceptance of People with Disability in the society

Strategic Priority 2: Unprecedented growth and wider catchment coverage .

Strategic Objective Establish a national coordination wing with regional secretariat.

Specific Objectives

  1. Established Regional Secretariat in Homa Bay and Machakos
  2. Scale up programs in Homa Bay and Machakos
  3. Increase and maintain membership.

Key Strategies

  • Conduct new office set up assessment.
  • Appoint Secretariat.
  • Furnish the office. Expected Outcome
  • Easy access to community with specific interventions targeting PWD
  • Increase the number of PWD using our services at the regional level

Strategic Priority 3: Education, Training and Community Outreach

Strategic Objective

Promote increased access to education and training opportunities for PWD thus equipping them with knowledge, skills, attributes which will build their capacities for independence, self-reliance. therefore be useful members of the society.

Specific Objectives

  1. Run sign language and literacy trainings.
  2. Increase enrolment of the Deaf children in schools
  3. Conduct counseling and set up support groups for parents with children who are Deaf
  4. Provide independent life skills instruction for youths with disability in their support groups.
  5. Work with local schools to promote inclusive learning practices
  6. Establish and support existing Government schools special units for Children with Disability
  7. Conduct social and environmental audits to schools and work closely with school management committees to implement audit findings.
  8. Provide direct assistance on job development and placement youth and women with disability.


  • Foster inclusive setting,
  • Sign language training for parents/guardian of the deaf child
  • Kenya Sign Language (KSL) trainings for teachers
  • TV and media shows
  • Life skills workshops
  • Lobbying and advocacy

Expected Outcomes

Investing in education for PWD will lead to increased enrollment and improved the quality of life in future.

Strategic Priority 4: Develop Programs that Enhance Access to Economic Resources, Health & Social Welfare Services.

Strategic Objective

Develop programs that enhance access to economic resources, health & social welfare services for persons who are deaf.

Specific Objectives

  1. Lobby and Advocate for access to health services among PWD
  2. Develop working partnerships with organizations providing health services
  3. Increase access to HIV/AIDS care, treatment and support for PWD
  4. Sensitize PWD on Non-Communicable Diseases
  5. Promote EMTCT services to increase hospital delivery for ante natal mothers with disability

Key strategies

  • Improve program implementation tools with focus on community mobilization.
  • Career fairs
  • Partnership forums
  • Lobby and Advocacy
  • Disability friendly materials
  • Health Care Workers sensitization trainings
  • HIV and AIDS support groups
  • Interpretation services at the health facilities and other outlets Expected Outcomes People with Disability lead full and productive lives.

Strategic Priority 5: Strengthen Leadership and Governance Structures

Strategic Objective

Establish sound, effective, visionary and responsive governance systems and supportive structures.

Specific Objectives

  1. Strengthen Board governance.
  2. Strengthen human resource management
  3. Improve work environment
  4. Improve Monitoring and Evaluation practices
  5. Improved fund raising functions of the board

Key Strategies

  • Team Building activities
  • Board Manual
  • HR needs assessment
  • Governance training
  • Expected Outcomes

Focus on building effective leadership and governance structures will enable DEK to serve the membership.